Monday, June 22, 2009

Intimate Wedding Location Ideas

There are many great locations to celebrate the unity of two hearts. Each location requires budget, in-depth details and availability so make sure that you know what you really want. Here are some of the great wedding locations that can be categorized as luxurious yet extraordinary place to have an intimate wedding.

1. Private Resorts/Island. This is a perfect wedding location for couple who love to walk on the beach’s sand or likes to hear the sound of waves.

2. Mountain Hills. This is an interesting place to make a dream wedding come true. Just ideal for husband and wife to-be who want to celebrate with nature.

3. Yacht/Boat. If your budget permits you, renting a yacht definitely rocks! Get married while sailing or at halt is definitely a remarkable wedding day.

4. Ranch. Ask friends or relatives who have ranch to host your wedding. Country weddings are simply incomparable for couples who want serenity and an unforgettable wedding.

5. Hot Air Ballon. It’s nice to fly up in the air while saying your vows. This can be a very luxurious wedding location but definitely something to look forward to.

Despite of the grand list above, remember that wedding is not just about fulfilling a dream. It is a unity that should be celebrated according to your desire and budget as well. Sometimes you also have to go out of the box, explore other things and think of other ways to make it memorable yet not too expensive.