Monday, June 8, 2009

Gifts For Hard Working Dads

Fathers are born providers. They are known for their hard working attitude to provide for their family. On June 21, 2009, we'll all be celebrating the Father's Day. If you have a hard working dad and you haven't wrapped up any gift for him, then here are some gift ideas for working dads, house dads and dads with hobby.

1. Dads working on corporate world or a business man. Possible gifts are organizers (digital or paper made), scheduler, alarm clock , professional looking neck ties, stress ball or related kind, coffee mug, USB or flash drives, perfumes, new shoes. If you have big budget, you may want to consider buying him a new cellular phone that would fit his need.
2. House Dads. Possible gifts include iPod with speakers, DVDs of his favorite movies, recipe books, carpentry tool box, massage roller, ticket to NBA, concert or football league and/or a one-day off from household chores.
3. Dads with hobby. Possible gifts are new fishing rods for dads who love fishing, pair of running shoes for those dads who love to run or play basketball, a golf set, a billiard cue stick, a diver's watch and new goggles.

Whatever role your dad plays in the family, make sure that you provide something special for him on Father's Day. Let him know that he is appreciated and loved even with simple gifts or sweet greetings on this day.