Monday, April 20, 2009

Gardening Safety Tips

Gardening is one of the many therapeutic household chores that every home owner would want to do. Nevertheless, this chore can sometimes bring danger to the doer if he/she is not aware with some of the things that must be observed.

Below is a list of the basic safety tips when performing some gardening chores.

1. Do some warm up. This is basically important for home owners that are aged already.
2. Avoid too much sun exposure. Excessive exposure in the sun is not healthy on your skin. It is advised that you pick the right time to do your gardening such as 6 AM– 8 AM as it gives Vitamins to your skin.
3. Be careful with the gardening equipment you’re using. Make sure that you know how to operate your gardening tools and keep away sharp objects in a safe place.
4. Wear the proper clothing. It is better if you could wear long pants and long sleeves.
5. Wear earplugs and eye protector. Protect your ears when running noisy equipment and eyes when doing some grass cutting to avoid accidents.