Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Say "I Love You" in Various Language

The month love is about to end but the love is still in the air. All around the world, people have different ways to say the most magical word “I love You”. Here are some of them.

Ana Behibak (to a male) - Arabic
Ana Behibek (to a female) - Arabic
I mog di narrisch gern - Bavarian
Wo ie ni – Chinese
LJUBim te - croatian
Mahal ka ta - Filipino
Iniibig Kita - Filipino
Ani ohev otcha (male to male) - Hebrew
Ani ohevet otach (female to female) - Hebrew
Mai tumse pyar karta hoo - Hindi
Saja kasih saudari - Indonesian
ti amo (if it's a relationship/lover/spouse) - Italian
ti voglio bene (if it's a friend, or relative)- Italian
Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu - Japanese
Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida - Korean
Te amo - Latin
Saya cintamu - Malay
Tora dost daram - Persian
Te quiero - Spanish
Toi yeu em - Vietnamese
Ya te volim - Yugoslavian

Whatever language you use to declare your feelings and love to another person, remember that it should always be sincere and come from the heart.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Effects of Spending Too Much Time in Watching TV

While watching television is one of the most effective visual ways to teach our children with good manners and other things, spending too much in watching TV can also cause bad effects to their health and attitude as well. Most often than not, their young minds may be affected by the hours spent to this hobby especially if they are not guided.

Some of the harmful effects of spending too much time in watching television to children are not visible at once and its acquisition is sometimes gradual. Here are some of them.

1. It can affect our child’s eating habit. It is more often that children are very hard to call for dinner when they are over exposed to television, resulting to the irregular time of eating important meals in a day.

2. Physical effects like rapid weight gaining. This is especially true for children who are eating junk foods and other unhealthy snacks while watching TV.

3. Effects in attitude. Movies or programs with violent theme and related events may affect their attitude and thinking.

4. Poor eyesight. We must remember that television has radiation that can affect the eyes of our young ones.

5. It is addictive. Over exposure to watching television can be indeed addicting not just to children but to adults like us as well. This may result to becoming a couch potato and being negligent to other important chores in the house.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Valentines' Songs

It's the month of hearts again and this is one of the best times to show our love and appreciation to the people around us. We can also make this day extra special by cooking their favorite foods and wrapping a simple token of love while adoring the celebration with the best Valentines songs ever.

Here's a great selection of all time favorite Valentines songs that you can play randomly.

Every thing I do
You and I - by Celine Dion
Because You Loved Me
My Funny Valentine
2 Become 1
Can't Help Falling In Love
I Love You
I Will Always Love You
Love Me Tender
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Shower Me With Your Love
Thank God I Found You
You Belong To Me
You and Me

February 14 is only one day in a year, make it extra special and truly worthwhile. =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Locations for a Family Reunion

Family reunion is an exciting event where the members of your family from near and far will gather together and have some bonding time. Also, this is a perfect time to connect with your loved ones and relatives. Aside from your home, there are great places where you can hold the reunion. Below are some of them:

1. Hotel – Hotel provides luxury and comfort living. If you have a budget, you may want to get the biggest suite to accommodate all of you. You can spend the whole in a hotel by playing some games and having a party.

2. Beach Resort – If you want to have fun under the sun while enjoying the cool breeze, beach resort is the perfect place for the reunion. You can also create a bonfire while enjoying each other’s company.

3. Restaurant – If you don’t have time to prepare foods for many persons, there are restaurants that accommodate family reunions. Reserve earlier so you can get the best place and best rates for the event.
4. Campsite – If your family wants some adventure, stay in a campsite for a night to experience outdoor living. You can set a program outside the campsite as part of your reunion party.

5. Picnic ground – For a more intimate gathering, going to a picnic ground in the park is a great idea. You can hire the longest bench to place the foods and other goodies. Best of all, the kids can play around the picnic area.

6. Theme Parks – Theme parks are also a nice place to hold the reunion. The young members of the family will surely enjoy the attractions and rides in a theme park.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Crowd-Free National Parks

If your family wants to explore the natural wonders and escape from the busy life of the city, here are some of the popular national parks in the America that are crowd-free.

Biscayne - The largest marine park in North America (at about 173,000 acres), Biscayne lies just 25 miles from Miami and sits on part of the world’s third-largest coral-reef system.

Congaree National Park - Located about 20 miles from Columbia, South Carolina, this recent newcomer preserves the largest tract of old-growth floodplain forest in the whole of North America.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - It’s not all sand and surf on Hawaii's Big Island. The world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, is also found here, rearing up 13,677 feet from below sea level.

Big Bend National Park – It is one of America’s largest and least-visited national parks. Big Bend’s acreage actually consists of arid desert expanses, giant canyons, and the Chisos mountain range.

North Rim of Grand Canyon - North Rim is that much harder to reach that few visitors do – those that do go the extra mile (or 215 in this case, by car) will be rewarded with serenity and an unblocked view of one of Mother Nature’s most stupendous creations.

Big Bend National Park – It is one of America’s largest and least-visited national parks. Big Bend’s acreage actually consists of arid desert expanses, giant canyons, and the Chisos mountain range.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon - Dominated by the Sierra Nevada range, whose peaks shelter the headwaters of three rivers, diverse wildlife, and of course, the park’s eponymous groves of massive sequoias.

Cape Breton Highlands - The park’s rugged coastline, forested plateaus, canyon views, and verdant highlands are marvelous to behold, as are vistas of frolicking whales and soaring bald eagles.

For complete info, you can find it here.