Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ways to Teach Kids to Keep the House Clean

Encouraging the children to clean the house could be not so easy for parents. Kids will love to play, watch TV or play computer games rather than cleaning their rooms.

Here are some simple ways to teach your young ones to maintain the proper sanitation and orderliness inside your home:

1. Place a trash bin in each room and have a set day to clear it by your kids.
2. Set a cleaning routine for your children. For instance, your daughter will wash the dishes in the evening and if you have son, he will be in-charge of cleaning the garage or garden.
3. Teach your children to pick up toys and put them in the proper place after playing.
4. Assist them in organizing their clothes in the cabinet or drawer.
5. Have everyone take part in clearing and cleaning the table after a meal. This will be another fun activity for your family.
6. Teach your children to put dishes straight into the sink. This method will keep the kitchen counter clean most of the time.
7. Add fun during cleaning so your kids won’t feel bored. For example, let them play with the duster while wiping out the dust and dirt in your furniture.
8. Teach your kids to organize their own beds in the morning.