Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Encourage Kids to Read Books

Aside from providing entertainment, books can provide learning and good moral values to your kids. Encouraging them to read is an important thing for their mind and personality development.

Below are some tips to encourage your young ones to read:

1. Let your kid select a book to read. If he is uncertain what to choose, you can recommend some interesting subjects. Fiction as well as informative books like science, biographies and history might also be of their interest.

2. Reading a story book to your child before bedtime is another great method.

3. Going to a public library allows your child to open his interest in books. Bringing him with you in a bookstore is also a great routine.

4. Be the role model for your child. Let him see that you have interest in books. Set a time to read your favorite book while your kid reads also.

5. Help your child to develop his vocabulary by introducing new words on a regular basis and use them in a sentence.

6. Allow your young ones to create his won mini library by putting shelf for his favorite reading materials.

7. If he is done reading a story book, you can have a small discussion for better understanding of what he read.