Friday, December 26, 2008

Safety Tips on New Year’s Eve

Whether your family is spending the New Year’s Eve at home or going to other place to observe the celebration in a different way, here are some safety tips to make your New Year’s party wonderful and worry free.

1. Don’t drink too much if you are going to drive. If the entire family is going to a friend’s or relative’s house to join the celebration, don’t take too much alcoholic drinks. If you are drunk, it is advisable to designate a driver, whether a family member or someone whom you can trust.

2. Be considerate about your pet. The loud noise of pyrotechnics s and firecrackers can create anxiety to your furry friend. So, it is better to place them in a comfortable area that is away from fireworks.

3. If you are going to decorate your home with lights, don't run extension cords under rugs, carpets or furniture. Extension cords can cause fires if overheated.

4. Lighting fireworks should be done in an open field as mush as possible. Don’t do it near power lines, garage or somewhere that is potential to get fire.

5. Be alert of the surroundings. If your family is joining the celebration outside, stay away from those out of control and might cause trouble.

6. Never give fireworks, even sparklers, to young kids. Teens should only use firecrackers under adult supervision.