Sunday, December 14, 2008

Make Your Gift Extra Special

Christmas is known as the season of giving. As individuals, our little way of acknowledging others this holiday can be expressed in gifts. Whether it is small or big, cheap or expensive, if it has been wrapped artistically with love and care, our little tokens of sharing our blessings will absolutely be special.

Wrapping is an art wherein it shows the thoughts and time spent of the sender to the recipient. More than the gift inside, it is how it looks like outside that makes the recipient truly excited. Some actually don’t want to open their gifts due to its wrap.

You can make your gift extra special by wrapping it extra special. Here are some ideas that will help you in doing the most exciting part of Christmas – gift wrapping.

1. Pick the right wrapper. There are thousand of available Christmas wrapper designs that you can buy from specialty gift shops but did you know that the nicest ones can be found in your home? Old colored newspapers or magazines will definitely save you time and money.
2. Add ribbons. You may use the old yet still good looking ribbons that you received last year can make your finish product absolutely extra special. If you don’t have talents on tying the knot, there are affordable yet beautifully ready made ribbons available as well.
3. Make your greetings personalized. Handwrite your message. Through this, your recipient will feel your message wholeheartedly.

Remember that gifts shouldn’t have to be always expensive or big. Every piece that we will give to our loved ones should come from our heart.