Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Common Wish List

With the present status of our economy, many people would love to have something for themselves. Thus, several of them would only end up listing down their wish list. The World Wide Web has been a witness to the million of bloggers who have shouted the things they want to receive this Christmas.

Here are some of the million items including intangible things (not in order) that they want to have/fulfill this season.

1. world peace
2. be with their loved ones
3. to have a stable job
4. house
5. new computer/laptop
6. new cellular phone
7. a game console
8. trip to their most love countries
9. a minute with a parted loved ones
10. a stress free job

For whatever it is that we want, whether intangible or tangible things, we should remember that happiness should always come from the heart and not from the things that we can have.