Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Common New Year Beliefs & Superstitions

Two days from now, the year 2008 will be a yesterday to all of us. Now, that 2009 is all set to welcome us to a new life and hope, are we all ready to wave our hands from the pains and luck that 2008 gave us?

For many people, the New Year signifies new life and hope. There are also other people who believe in many superstitions that, if not observed, will bring bad luck to the entire year. Here are just some of the common superstitions and beliefs known all around the world.

1. No debts. It is believed that the New Year must not be started with debts. Thus, many people are paying their debts which include household bills before the year ends.

2. Loud Noise. Loud noise is believed to take away all bad lucks surrounding us. So, many people are using fireworks and producing noise to take away the negative energies.

3. Eating black eyed peas. It is a belief originated in southern states of the USA, in which eating it will attract good luck particularly in financial aspects.

4. Wearing clothes with circles. This is more popular in Asian countries. The circles or polka dots signify money.

5. Open all entries around the house. The doors and windows must be opened to free the negative energies lived in the house all throughout the year.

While there are still many superstitions being observed all around the world, remember that our life depends on how we live each day. Changes in ourselves and surroundings should always begin within us, not just during the New Year, but whenever we have the chance.