Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in United States

Christmas is being celebrated in United States with a huge diverse of traditions and customs. This can be seen on wonderful Christmas parade, caroling, dazzling Christmas lights and lanterns on the side of the streets and even on shopping malls, buildings and other establishments. For Americans, Christmas is the greatest time of the year to spend some good moment with the family, relatives and friends. It’s the time of giving and appreciation on the sacrifice and good deeds of Jesus to mankind.

Families have always time to celebrate Christmas because it’s just once in year. There are many ways on how the families celebrate the Christmas season. In the United States, the celebration could be the same in other countries but there are also differences in some ways.

Here are some customs and practices that can be seen in United States during Christmas:

- Many families in the US place a Christmas tree inside their home and decorate it some bright lights and colorful ornaments.
- Experience white Christmas. Families play on the snow and create a snowman together. Other people go to ski resort for more adventure.
- Draping the outside of the home with glittering Christmas lights is also popular among families.
- Christmas songs have also a big part in the holiday. These wonderful songs are being played at homes, in the office, malls and even inside the car.
- Santa Claus is popular among kids. This icon was originally based on Saint Nicholas.
- Christmas shopping in department stores, malls and local markets is also evident during holidays.
- Intimate celebration with the loved ones. Family members from near and far usually unite on Christmas Day for an annual reunion and Holiday feast.
- Giving gifts to loved ones, whether small or big, is also part of the celebration to show our love, care and gratitude to others.
- Kids often time hang empty socks over the fireplace on Christmas Eve and the morning they will find them filled with chocolates or candies.

Even there are different means of celebrating the holiday, the true spirit of Christmas is always there in the American families.