Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

It’s 25 days till Christmas! And if your list of gifts is not yet complete, here are some ideas that will excite you more to prepare for the holidays. Remember that giving gifts is not about the price but the feelings. It shouldn’t have to be always expensive because it’s the thought that count.

1. Hand-made Christmas Cards. Your greetings will be extra special if you have cards with personal touches. You can use old yet still usable Christmas boxes and ribbons that you received last holiday and adorn it with different ornaments. Make sure that your message is hand written to make it more personalize.

2. Compilation of pictures. This gift is more ideal for families and friends. You can just compile all your pictures together and make a caption on each photo and place it in an album or scrap book. Your recipient will absolutely love it because they will simply appreciate the time you spent in doing this.

3. Bake some cookies. Cookies are one of the traditional sweets during the holidays. If you enjoy baking or cooking, then making different cookies with your own creation of characters will be a good present as well.

4. Mugs with their names on it. Most people have their own mugs. You can just buy an ordinary mug and design it using a gel pen or paint. The design ideas are endless and you can just play with your imagination.

5. Thoughts of the Day cards. You can also imitate the expensive “Thoughts of the Day” cards that you can find in gift shops. You can borrow some encouraging yet happy lines from the famous authors as well.