Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great Places to Visit during Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a great time for your family to leave the house for a while and have some fun and entertainment in different places in the country. It is also the best time to have a family vacation in a terrific resort or just a whole day in amusement parks.

United States offers vacation spots as well as wonderful tourist destinations where family can unwind and most importantly spend quality time with your loved ones. Here is a list of some magnificent places to visit during the day of Thanksgiving:

* Indian Lakes Resort, Bloomingdale, IL
* Dana Place Inn, Jackson NH
* The Boathouse at Fletcher's Cove, Washington
* Woodloch Pines Resort, Pennsylvania
* Amelia Island, Florida
* Edisto Beach, South Carolina
* Walt Disney World., Florida and California
* McKay House, Jefferson Texas
* National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum, Washington
* Terrace Inn, Petoskey, MI
* Biltmore Resort and Spa, Phoenix, Arizona
* Paul B. Johnson State Park, Mississippi