Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Winter Vacation Spots

Who said that summer is only the best time for the families to have a vacation? Of course, the cold weather of the winter season is also a wonderful time for the families to visit some of the beautiful places in the country. There are many affordable winter vacation spots to stay and relax while enjoying the crystal white scenery.

Whether it's about enjoying the white snow or go somewhere else to skip from the biting chill and dull atmosphere in your area, there's still a perfect winter vacation place for your loved ones. There are many magnificent spots in the county with some great deals and rates. Some offer low basic rates and some provide special discounts during off-peak dates. So, it’s wise method to look around and inquire to get the best deal.

To make your search less tedious, here are some of the best winter vacation spots in the United States:

- Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY
- Homewood Ski Resort in North Lake Tahoe, Homewood, CA
- Fort Lauderdale in Florida
- Methow Valley in Washington
- Lake Tahoe in California
- Salt Lake City, Utah
- Disney resorts in Florida
- Echo Mountain, Idaho Springs, CO
- Joshua Tree National Park, California