Sunday, October 12, 2008

A family makes up a community

A family makes up a community. Thus, a good relationship with every member of the family can make up a good and happy community.

As parents and elders, it is our duty to promote good attitude to children. Our acts and decision making can somewhat give them a perspective of what’s good and not. While we can’t always show them the good side of ourselves, it is still important that we establish an open communication with them. In this way, they can ask and we can tell them the right from wrong and what should/shouldn’t be done.

There are various ways to keep the communication open with our children. Here are some of the effective ways that you can do to keep them close to you and always remember your pieces of advice.

1. Go out with them. If you have several children, it will be a good idea to go out with them in batches or individually. By doing so, you’re giving them equal attention and care. When out, you can teach them how to communicate with strangers and neighbours and other good manners that they should know.

2. Make it to dinner. You can show them that they are important if you can make it with them at least one meal everyday. Eating with a complete family is a great time to exchange ideas and experiences.

3. Play with them. Children love to play. You can communicate with them through various fun activities while teaching them good manners.

Remember that a strong community lies within a family. The above examples are just some of the ways that we can do, there are still thousands available for us to utilize.