Monday, September 22, 2008

The Art of Traveling Light

For most travelers, packing things is one of the most exciting yet exhausting ordeals they need to do before going on days of vacation. If you are one of them, before this problem starts to raise your eyebrows and reach your temper to its end, here are some tips that will definitely excite you rather than irritate you.

1. Know your destination. This is the most important thing to consider. Knowing your destination will help you in packing the right clothes – including those that you only need.

2. Number of Days. I bet, if they could bring your closet in any way, you’ll absolutely do it! However, for obvious reasons that will be on one of the most hilarious and dim-witted decisions you could ever do. So just know the number of days you’ll be away and bring some extras.

3. Know the rules. All airlines have their own set of rules and so the amount of baggage that you’re allowed to bring is definitely a must-know one.

4. Packing list. Prepare everything on paper. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to forget one detail!

5. Bring an extra easy to carry bag. The amount of luggage that you can checked-in is different from the bag that you will hand carry. This bag should have your valuables like bank cards, cash, travelers' cheques and credit cards and travel documents.

6. Folding vs. Rolling. Rolled clothes save more space and reduced wrinkles on them.

7. Purpose of your Trip. If you’re going out of town to meet some clients or attend conferences, you should also bring extra casual clothing aside from the formal attires. You might need it while exploring the place during your free time.