Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Useful Travel Tips Before Leaving for the Airport

When traveling overseas, it is recommended that you are ready with detailed plans and preventive measures to make your trip extremely enjoyable and memorable. Below is a list of helpful travel tips that you should consider prior you leave for the airport.

1. Register to the State department of the destination you're going to.
2. Make a schedule of your trip to make most of your holiday.
3. Familiarize yourself with the rules & regulations of the place.
4. Know the local weather condition to help you in packing the right kinds of clothing you need.
5. Don't go over baggage.
6. Check on the coverage of your medical insurance overseas
7. Provide copies of your documents and itinerary with your family who are not going with you for their reference in time of emergency.
8. Secure a road map if it's your first time in that destination.
9. Carry permissible medications that you might need along the way (this particularly applies if you have kids on board). For prescription drug, make sure that the prescribed name is the same as the ticket of the passenger.
10. Don't bring prohibited things like sharp objects - knife and scissors & liquids and aerosols.
11. If you are to bring electronic devices like laptops and cell phones, make sure that these things are fully charged as it may be subject for inspection and will be required to turn on.
12. Carry your passport, tickets, money and other identification in a hand carry bag.
13. Know the number of baggage you have, of which you are allowed to bring. It is recommended that you place your name/contact information on each bag in time of lost or emergency.
14. You should bag your own things.
15. Know the time you should be in the airport
16. Wear comfortable clothes; you might be required to take off your shoes or slippers when going through airport security.


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