Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Entertaining and Shaping Your Child’s Mind

When it comes to entertaining children, playing with them has always been on top of the list. But did you know that you can spice up playing more by embedding interesting and mind-shaping activities? Then, it’s time to go out of the usual stuffs and start investing to shaping your child’s mind and letting them to figure out the answer of their curiosity.

Aside from your own comfort zone, it would always be good for your children to go out and be able to recognize a different world. One of the many yet truly inexpensive and useful ways to entertain your kids while introducing them to a whole new world is by walking with them in your vicinity. Start introducing him/her to your neighbors while teaching him/her the things to do in the street, how to greet people and telling him/her what’s he/she is seeing, etc. It may also be very helpful to ask him/her if he has questions and confidently says that you don’t mind answering their naive inquisitiveness.

If you are a hands-on mom or pop, it is recommended that you walk your children everyday. After a couple walk in the morning, you can test his/her memory by asking little questions about your journey. Remember that shaping the minds of your children is not just merely telling them what is good and not, they must be feed with facts and experiences to support your words.

As your daughter/son is growing up, they will have a vivid memory of what you’ve done for them, thus making the same thing with their siblings and even to their own child. Don’t limit your child in exploring the world, entertain and fill his mind with knowledge and good stuffs. That would be enough for a solid foundation on what and how they will become in the future.